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Wit & Wisdom

Wisdom should be shared. It’s not easy to come by and it drives positive change. Below you’ll find articles, research and ideas from some of the greatest thinkers, healers and visionaries celebrating the mind- body- spirit connection. Do you have wisdom to share?

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Using CBD to Age Well: Takeaways from Aliza Sherman and Dr. Junella Chin

Fact: The conversation around cannabidiol, or CBD, is heating up. The sheer volume of what is being written, researched, ...

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8 Possible Reasons CBD Is Not Working for You

You’ve read the articles and heard the stories: Cannabidiol (CBD) changes people’s lives. From calling it “Nature’s Xanax” to ...

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How to Use CBD for Anxiety

In the past couple of years, nearly all of us have heard about the phenomenon that is CBD. And ...

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Terpenes: What are They and Why are They Important?

With the rising popularity of cannabidiol, or CBD, an increasing number of people are turning to the compound as ...

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Two Coffees for $9 – the True Value of Quality CBD

  I recently drove 900 miles from my home in Pennsylvania to Nashville, TN with stops in Washington, DC ...

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My First Official Day as a Modern Midlifer

  I’m not sure it counts but it’s a milestone anyway… I’m officially an empty nester. My wife and ...

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The Art of Happiness

Did you know that studies about happiness have consistently shown that you are, on average, happiest at ages 33, ...

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Why You Should Consider Using CBD for Pain

  According to the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine, 100 million Americans live with chronic pain every day. In ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should be Using CBD as a Modern Midlifer

CBD –or cannabidiol– has been getting a lot of attention because of its health benefits. It’s known for being ...

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