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More than just CBD. Much More.

Natural Wellness for all of you: mind, body and spirit.
We are dedicated to making your life better with our custom formulated natural products.

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For thousands of years people have been using plant-based medicines. They have been used for centuries around the world. Want to sleep better? Get rid of brain fog? Swat away Pain? Nature has always had you covered. We just added the science.


AMAZING! For a while now, I’ve struggled to either fall asleep or stay asleep and while using the DREAM formula, I was able to consistently do both. It certainly lives up to it’s name and is like a dream come true! I’d absolutely recommend DREAM to family and friends.


The first night that I used Wisdom Essentials DREAM formula I had a really good nights sleep. The second night it was even better. The more frequently I used DREAM I had very deep and restful sleep. I would (and have!) recommended DREAM to all of my friends. It is a fantastic product and the best CBD formula I have used.

Love the product and it works much better than over the counter sleep aids.


I love the SOOTHE balm! It’s helping with some pain in my shoulder. The texture is amazing. It smells great unlike most pain relief balms. I have already recommended to friends and they loved it too!

Are you a Modern MidLifer? We are!

Do you have a great deal of life experience behind you? Are you smart, social and physically active with an adventurous spirit? Then welcome to the club. We’re Modern Midlifers™. We believe the best is yet to come. As lifetime learners, we know a thing or two. We understand that comprehensive wellness means caring for all our parts – mind, body and spirit. Whether you’re launching a new business, going back to college, or learning to surf, we’re on a mission to help you nurture every part of that wonderful you. Welcome to an exciting new world of limitless strength, purpose and hope.
Congratulations! You’re a Modern MidLifer.
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Who we are

We are Tom & Denis and we are at an exciting time in life. A time of new purpose and possibilities. A time of wisdom and clarity. A time to achieve personal goals, and to share what we’ve learned with others. We think nourishing mind, body, and spirit is more than important now, it’s essential.

Our line of natural, botanical products, including CBD, is designed to promote balance and wellness for a generation that feels more alive than ever – and looks forward to all the good things to come.

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