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The Modern Midlifer™


We’re Tom Lamb and Denis Keane. We went to college together, so as Modern Midlifers™, we set out as a team to pursue wellness regimens to maintain and preserve the health we have today and future-proof it for years to come. After quite some study, we threw away the pharmaceuticals and started replacing them with nutraceuticals, nootropics and CBD to support our “second act.” We also saw that the optimism, excitement and vitality we felt didn’t fit with society’s idea of growing older and being a “senior.”

We’re at an exciting time in life. What’s our competitive advantage?  We’re wise. We’ve achieved wisdom from success, failure and walking the walk for quite some time. And we’re ready to use it to live our best lives. This may just be the half-way point!

We ride bikes. We BBQ. We love our friends, and we’re learning how to play Pickleball. We’re living life fully. We sleep better. We’re managing our pain much better, and with plant-based products with few if any side-effects.

“We Believe The Time Has Come For A Solution For All OF Us To Feel Better… Naturally.”

Wellness for you as a person: mind, body and spirit.

We started Wisdom Essentials to share this journey and the wisdom gained along the way. We’re offering the natural botanical products with CBD we developed based on our own needs and experiences. Then we formulated these products with an extra layer of science through the input of doctors and chemists who combined historically-recognized botanical ingredients and CBD into lab-tested products with precise dosing to support every part of you – mind, body and spirit.

We hope you’ll share your wellness knowledge and experiences using our products on this website. We need your wisdom to make this journey easier, and the world a better place.

Please join us.