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Benefits of CBD, Natural Ingredients, and Botanicals 

Benefits of CBD, Natural Ingredients, and Botanicals 

People have been enjoying the benefits of natural ingredients and botanicals for thousands of years. 

Research has shown that CBD has multiple health benefits. It works with your cannabinoid receptors and your endocannabinoid system to keep your entire body healthy.  CBD that is blended with natural ingredients and botanicals creates a powerful combination to boost your endocannabinoid system, immune system, and brain health.

Why combine CBD with all-natural ingredients? 

CBD  has become a widely used supplement to help maintain healthy states against anxiety,  pain, and sleeplessness. And although you can find CBD or other hemp plant products that are mixed with chemicals and synthetic ingredients, we believe that nature has provided us with everything you need to feel better.

What are the benefits of combining CBD with all-natural ingredients? 

When your CBD products are enhanced with  all-natural ingredients like terpenes, botanicals and essential oils you get the benefits of each component. 

If you’re a modern midlifer like we are, you might be looking for  all-natural ways to stay healthy. Fortunately, it’s easy to find a CBD product blended with natural ingredients to ease pain, maintain heart and brain health, your coordination and immune system. 

How are the Wisdom Essentials ingredients tested to ensure the best formula is used? 

All Wisdom Essentials products go through rigorous third-party testing. We partner with independent ISO-certified laboratories and follow strict guidelines to ensure that you get only the best ingredients and products. 

We follow a three-step testing process for each product:

  1. First, we test the dried hemp plant. 
  2. Second, we test the hemp extract for CBD content, as well as any contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals. 
  3. Finally, once the product is finished, we test for cannabinoid and terpene profile, and one more time for contaminants. 

Not every CBD company puts their products through all this testing. So before you take any CBD product, be sure to read the label information to familiarize yourself with each ingredient. 

Why should you consider incorporating natural botanical remedies into your lifestyle? 

Natural botanical ingredients like CBD oil, hemp seed oil, limonene, linalool, and melatonin can help maintain healthy states against anxiety, pain and sleeplessness.

Synthetic or chemical-based supplements often come with harmful side effects—and the possibility of addiction. And although taking too much CBD can cause side effects like dry mouth or an upset stomach, there is no evidence to suggest that it causes long-lasting side effects or any substance dependence. 

So go natural! Before taking a lab-created prescription, talk with your doctor and investigate how an all-natural CBD product can help you feel your best. 

Why combine CBD with botanicals? 

Botanicals are parts of a plant used for their medicinal value, taste, or scent. The herbs you use in cooking are botanicals. The tea that you drink probably contains a botanical blend. And if you use an essential oil diffuser, chances are you’re enjoying botanicals then too! 

CBD is often combined with botanical extracts to give you the benefits of multiple plants. People have been using botanicals to boost their health for centuries. And thanks to science and research, you can now find all-natural CBD products with botanical extracts to help you live your best life. 

What are the benefits of combining CBD with botanicals? 

Combining CBD with botanicals provides an all-natural treatment for many different ailments. You get the medicinal qualities of CBD and all other ingredients in the product—and you get to avoid harsh chemicals and the side effects that some synthetic supplements and prescriptions cause. 

You have options when it comes to products with CBD and botanicals. Here are a few that you can try: 

  • CBD tincture
  • CBD oil 
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD capsule

Where do botanicals come from? 

Quite simply, botanicals come from plants. Seeds, flowers, leaves, and bark all contain botanicals. And different industries use botanical extracts in all sorts of products, so they might already be a part of your daily life! 

What other names might products from botanicals go by? 

Botanicals might also be referred to as “herbal products” or “phytomedicines.” And a product label might refer to the botanical by its actual name. For example, if a product label says it contains an ingredient like chia seed oil, echinacea, or hemp oil, then it contains botanicals! 


If you take a daily vitamin or supplement, then you’ve used a nutraceutical. These natural substances are believed to help boost your immune system, endocannabinoid system, and maintain overall health. And if you’re new to these supplements, all you need is a guide to nutraceuticals to educate yourself on whether they can help you live happily and healthily. 

What are nutraceuticals, and why are they associated with CBD? 

Nutraceuticals are substances derived from food sources that are thought to have medicinal qualities. A nutraceutical may have health benefits in addition to the vitamins and nutrients that the food itself provides. For instance, foods like garlic and ginger have health benefits. And they also have nutraceuticals that may help calm an upset stomach and ease inflammation. 

The CBD nutraceuticals market has been growing as people discover how much a CBD supplement may help maintain overall health. In particular, CBD-rich cannabis can be blended with other nutraceuticals and botanicals to create a dietary supplement that helps a lot of people feel their best. 

How are nutraceuticals tested and regulated? 

The medical industry is learning more about nutraceuticals every day. And although some of these supplements are regulated, additional research is needed—particularly in the CBD nutraceuticals market. 

It’s always a good idea to stay current on FDA regulations regarding any dietary or food supplement. And if you’re considering adding a cannabis-derived compound or any other CBD product to your health regimen, be sure to talk to your doctor first. Side effects from hemp plant products are rare, but it’s always best to be safe. 


While nutraceuticals are often used for their overall health benefits, some people use a nootropic supplement to boost their cognitive performance and brain health. 

You’re probably familiar with nootropics like ginseng and Ginkgo biloba even if you haven’t heard them referred to as “nootropics” before. And before you consider taking this type of supplement, learn everything you need to know with our guide to nootropics.  

What are nootropics, and how are they used in Wisdom Essentials products? 

Nootropics are supplements that are used to enhance brain function. These substances don’t fight or treat diseases the same way that nutraceuticals might, but they’ve been found to have mood-uplifting benefits and increase cognitive function. 

Our custom-formulated products use nootropics to enhance your CBD product’s effect. A CBD product containing a natural nootropic can maintain your cognitive performance and brain health. 

Your doctor might prescribe synthetic nootropics to increase your brain function—but these often come with harmful side effects. Since nature has provided us with all the tools we need, we keep all Wisdom Essentials products natural. 

What are the benefits of nootropics? 

The benefits of nootropics vary—but their goal is always to help you improve your brain function. Some nootropics support overall brain health, and others help maintain cognitive functions like memory, focus, and mood. 

If you’re considering taking a nootropic supplement, be sure to speak with a medical professional before beginning treatment. And in order to avoid harsh side effects, consider starting with a natural nootropic instead of a synthetic one. 

What are some common examples of nootropics? 

Common nootropics include  garlic, ginseng, and Ginkgo biloba and can be found in many supplements, vitamins, and even teas. 

Synthetic nootropics include Adderall, Ritalin, and Axura–all used to treat some mental illnesses, while also known for possible harsh side effects. So be sure to research them before you consider taking a synthetic nootropic supplement. And, as always, talk to your doctor before starting any prescription. medications.

CBD, natural ingredients, and botanicals can increase your overall wellness 

Wisdom Essentials custom formulas are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality. 

Our mission is to help you live your best life. Visit our shop to learn more about how our products can help you be well in mind, body, and spirit.