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How CBD Can Enhance Pickleball Performance

How CBD Can Enhance Pickleball Performance

Jared Paul and Dane Iliff, founders of The Kitchen Pickleball Facebook community with Lauren Stratman at the US Pickleball Championship

Are you part of the Pickleball craze taking over America? One thing we have learned about pickleball players is they absolutely love to play, a LOT.

For those of you that can’t get enough of the game you enjoy and want to improve performance and your recovery, CBD may be right for you.

If you are an avid or even casual player, more than likely you have experienced some aches and pains that can impact your ability to play as much as you would like.

It’s true, pickleball can be hard on your joints and muscles. It’s not uncommon for players to leave the court or wake up the next day with a stiff knee or sore shoulder. Helping to alleviate this pain or soreness can improve your overall performance on the court.  That’s where CBD comes into play.  And one of the best things about CBD is that it does not have any psychoactive effect.  It’s all relief and no “high”.

CBD Helps Reduce Inflammation

Research indicates the CBD can be an effective treatment for athletic inflammation by reducing cytokines and increasing adenosine levels.

Fancy words for sure. But this is great news for sore pickleball players looking for a natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relief options. Many can have negative side effects such as high blood pressure, kidney damage, erosion of the stomach lining, or worst of all, addiction.

CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t pose a risk of dependence and comes in many easy-to-use forms such as balms, gumdrops and tinctures.

CBD is Wildly Popular with Pickleballers: Pros and Rec players alike

Pickleballers put their bodies under a lot of stress. Even though it is not a contact sport, it is nonetheless hard on the knees, elbows, wrists and shoulders. Much like tennis, pickleball players are constantly maneuvering on a hard surface using their footwork to be in the best position for the next shot.  Unsurprisingly, all that impact on joints and muscles leads to chronic inflammation and soreness. Though pickleball is played on a smaller court than tennis, it is still a physically demanding game.

So, with all this running, lunging, smashing and dinking, it is not surprising CBD found popularity among pickleball players. It serves as both a natural solution for muscle soreness and a way to keep the body’s inflammation in check.

The Benefits of Using CBD Before A Pickleball Game

Pickleball players can get several benefits from using CBD even before they pick up a paddle and hit the court.

The medicinal properties of the hemp plant have been known for centuries, but it was only in the 1990s that the discovery of the endocannabinoid system shed light on exactly how it helps with pain and focus.

Generally speaking, the endocannabinoid system is made of receptors that help the body maintain homeostasis. These receptors interact with CBD to help boost the bodies state of equilibrium.

This is why CBD can benefit pickleball players long before they step foot on the court. CBD can promote deep sleep and relieve pre-game anxiety while increasing focus. This is why many players pop a CBD gumdrop or two before starting to play.

Research indicates CBD may help muscle damage or chronic inflammation over the long term with regular application of CBD balms or tinctures. This is why many Pickleball players, coaches and physical therapists are recommending a daily CBD regime.

How CBD Helps Pickleball Players Recover After Games

The most common, well-known use for CBD when it comes to pickleball is as a treatment for pain from joint and muscle soreness. This is usually caused by inflammation, which isn’t uncommon after physical activity. Over the long term, however, the pain can become chronic.

Since CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties, it’s not surprising many people use CBD tinctures or balms on their muscles and joints to treat pain. Our Soothe Topical Pain balm is fast becoming a favorite in the sport.  Soothe is an artisanal blend of CBD, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.  It smells great, has a smooth feel and provides a wonderful sensation on your skin–helping reduce pain, heal muscles and mitigate the long-term impact of intense physical activity.

CBD Dosage Guidelines for Pickleball Players

The efficacy of CBD for pickleball players depends on the correct dosage.  Dosage is going to vary from person to person. Your height, weight, medical history, body chemistry, the severity of the condition being treated factors into your optimal CBD dosage.

To start, try a smaller dosage (for tinctures like Calm) and gradually increase it by about 5-10mg until you feel the product treating your symptoms. For topicals like Soothe,  just rub it into your problem areas as needed.

The effect will likely be what you DON’T feel- pain, soreness, anxiety, rather than anything you do feel. It’s important to listen to your body to discover the right amount of CBD for your needs.  Remember, you can’t get high on CBD and it’s not habit-forming or addictive. Ultimately, CBD can help enhance your performance as a pickleball player.

At Wisdom Essentials, we are pickleball players too so we know how important it is to maintain peak mental and physical condition when you play. If you have any questions about CBD don’t hesitate to contact us at

See you on the courts!