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Why You Should Consider Using CBD for Pain

Why You Should Consider Using CBD for Pain



According to the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine, 100 million Americans live with chronic pain every day. In addition to drastically reducing a person’s quality of life, chronic pain increases health care costs and has a detrimental effect on productivity at work.

In fact, it can often lead to depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation with nearly half of those who suffer from chronic pain reporting having trouble sleeping, and a quarter being diagnosed with clinical insomnia.

OTC Medications and Prescriptions vs. CBD for Pain

Over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pain medications or even opioids are often recommended or prescribed to treat this type of pain. However, using these types of medications involves a number of risks, such as 

  • Incorrect self-diagnosis
  • An increase of drug-drug interactions and adverse effects 
  • Developed tolerance
  • Dependence or addiction
  • The potential for misuse and abuse
  • And more

Particularly after the increasing severity of the Opioid Crisis, many people are seeking out alternative natural forms of relief such as plant-based therapies or more recently, cannabidiol (CBD)


Why Should I Use CBD for Pain?

The use of CBD for pain relief actually dates back to ancient China. In 2900 B.C., many civilizations have documented their use of cannabis for a variety of conditions, from joint pain and muscle spasms to conditions such as gout and malaria.

Using CBD for pain is actually just going back to the methods that withstood the test of time. For those who are still skeptical, a balanced review of clinical and preliminary studies showed that the use of CBD is context-specific. 

The review concludes that when examining trial results in which CBD is used as a treatment for chronic pain, there are promising results to suggest that its benefits provide a pain solution that does not have the negative effects that are associated with other drugs. When it comes to arthritis pain, it is no different. Another study indicates that CBD efficiently reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviors in the body. 

In other words, for many people experiencing pain, CBD is steadily gaining popularity as an all-natural solution to pain relief. 


How Does CBD Help Pain? 

The short answer is that CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Along with contributing to brain functions like memory, mood, and sleep, the endocannabinoid system influences how we experience pain. Think of your endocannabinoid system as a spider web of receptors that promote homeostasis, or balance, within your body. 

In this way, CBD eases pain by reducing inflammation and helping promote sounder and better sleep which, in turn, helps with sleep disruption commonly experienced by people with pain. 

Research also indicates that topical CBD can reduce joint swelling and reduce pain and inflammation. Applying CBD topically works in the area of pain because it is absorbed in the body transdermally –through the skin– which makes topical CBD a great option for localized pain.

The best part of all this? There is no clinical evidence that CBD causes any serious side effects. It doesn’t cause stomach issues, itching, or constipation the way anti-inflammatories and opioids can. It is proven not to be addictive in any way and has no intoxication or psychoactive effects. 

In other words, it does not make you ‘high’ or impair you in any way.


There is one catch with CBD…

Be careful to verify the source, potency, and credibility of the CBD you are taking. Unfortunately, CBD, like many supplements, is not highly regulated. 

Whether you are a CBD pro or a beginner, you should be aware that many CBD products for pain may not contain what is promised and may even include harmful substances in their formulation. 

Make sure you only buy from companies that provide third-party lab-tested products (like us!) so you can be sure you receive legitimate CBD and get what you are paying for.  


All in all, using CBD for pain has been effective for centuries and science is catching up as well. From topical CBD balms to calming tinctures, there is something out there for everyone. Shop our products to explore which option is right for you.