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Rick O’Leary Podcast

Rick O’Leary Podcast

NYer Turned Texan, Rick O’Leary transformed his life with Thai Boxing, Photography, and strong beliefs

Rick O’Leary was born and raised in the New York / New Jersey tri-state area. Rick was a gifted guitar player and fell in love with the NY/NJ music scene at an early age. He was even in a successful rock “hair band” called StratusFear! After a tough marriage and some other challenges, Rick decided to quit smoking which started a rich path of discovery and fulfillment in many areas of his life.

This transformation saw him learn and compete at a high-level in “Muay Thai boxing”, a form of kickboxing. His love of animals and dogs lead him to be a gifted animal photographer and he delights in bringing people’s pets to life with his skills, equipment, and beautiful custom wall art pieces celebrating people and their pets. And he even met his soul mate on …Tinder…ultimately leading to marriage and his son Dylan being born.In this episode, Rick shares his story of transformation and how we can learn from him. If you like this episode please share it with friends and family.

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