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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Today is a special day.

Today we launch Wisdom Essentials.

Denis and I have been working on the creation of this company for the last 18 months.  We started with a blank page of paper and today launch with a great brand, five wonderful products, a beautiful new website replete with e-commerce, a blog, a podcast and more.

You’ll notice that I started the last paragraph with “Denis and I”.  That is honestly just the beginning.  We have received so much support, worked with so many great people, been offered so much encouragement and feedback that the phrase “Denis and I” is an unfortunate misnomer.

So today, on the launch of Wisdom Essentials, we want to offer sincere thanks to the community of people who are now a part of us. You all know who you are but we want to publicly acknowledge all of you, so thank you:

Tom Cotton

Stuart Whitworth

Renee Whitworth

John Kanakis

Eric So

Cannabis Creative Group

Josefine Nowitz

Oceana O’Donnell

Paul Bartsow

Kim Melanson

Sara Franklin

Kary Radestock

Kristin Taracki

Dennis Grech

Jeanine Moss

Brandon Bahr

Ryan Culver

Ryan Mirpanah

Len Bilello

Brian Wynne

Mike Mazzolla

Jeremy Murphy

Helen Polise

Peter Friedman

David Howell 

Chris Pockette

Doug Derringer

And of course, we could not have gotten here without the encouragement and support of our families and friends who stood by us in those tough days when things looked bleak, felt slow, or just plain seemed too difficult to overcome.

Today we start a brand-new journey and mission to support and celebrate Modern Midlifers everywhere.

Thank you in advance for joining us on this new venture.

In Wisdom, Tom and Denis