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Guide to CBD and Melatonin for Sleep

Guide to CBD and Melatonin for Sleep


Both CBD and melatonin are known for being helpful sleep aids. But did you know that CBD and melatonin can also work together to positively impact your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep cycle?

In this guide to CBD and melatonin for sleep, we’ll explore how they can work together in a complimentary way to tackle the most stubborn of sleep disorders.

Here’s a quick review if you are new to the world of CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of 113 identified cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. It does not contain THC, which is the substance in marijuana that makes you “high.” (Both THC and CBD are “cannabinoids” or the active ingredients in cannabis.)

CBD oil is known for its ability to help with chronic pain, and it can certainly work on its own to help with sleep disorders. But if you’d really like to get the most impact from your CBD tincture or CBD capsule, try taking CBD with melatonin, a natural hormone produced by our own bodies.

Are CBD and melatonin safe to use together?

You may be wondering if melatonin is safe to combine with a CBD product. In our increasingly electric world, our natural sleep cycles are often disrupted by artificial lighting. This lighting can disrupt the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone your brain produces in the absence of light. This is why melatonin for sleep often works so well for sleep disorders.

Fortunately, if our body is not producing enough of the hormone, we can get a melatonin supplement. Melatonin has been shown via research to improve sleep conditions such as insomnia, jet lag, and delayed sleep phase. It is a natural sleep aid, and it works very well with CBD. Both supplements can be a good, safe alternative to sleep medication.

Both CBD and melatonin are safe enough to be sold as “over the counter” supplements (at least in most states where CBD is legally sold). While you can experience some side effects from both CBD and melatonin, these only occur at very high doses. There are no contraindications (other than the precautions of each supplement separately) regarding taking both CBD and melatonin at the same time. (As always, check with your doctor first if you are pregnant or have any serious condition such as diabetes.)

What is the best way to take CBD and melatonin?

When you are desperate for a good night’s sleep, you might be inclined to pop the first CBD capsule you can get your hands on. But not all CBD supplements are the same, and you want to make sure you get a high-quality CBD supplement. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies are taking advantage of the CBD boom and are selling poor-quality, or even counterfeit, CBD. This is why getting a reputable CBD supplement backed by botanical science is the best path toward better sleep.

You’ll also want to be sure you are taking CBD and melatonin in the right form. A CBD topical that you rub into the skin will usually be great for pain, but it’s not the best way to take CBD for sleep. For sleeplessness issues, you should take CBD internally (consume it). One of the best methods of taking CBD internally is through a tincture, taken sublingually (under the tongue), which does not require digestion like a CBD capsule does.

How much CBD can you take with melatonin?

Research is still preliminary on the combination of CBD with melatonin. However, we know a lot about how CBD works in the body thanks to botanical science. CBD interfaces with the body through special cannabinoid receptors. Melatonin, on the other hand, interacts with human physiology via special melatonin receptors (MT1 and MT2). Thus, CBD and melatonin will not interfere with each other in the body. They are also complementary in action (see below). Therefore, the recommended individual dosages of CBD and melatonin can be taken together.

What dosage of melatonin can you take with CBD?

Many people have questions about CBD and melatonin dosage. CBD dosage is quite personal, and you’ll need to experiment with it to determine the best CBD dosage. One way to calculate a possible CBD dosage is to take one to six milligrams (mg) for every ten pounds of body weight, meaning a dosage range for someone who is 150 pounds would be from 15–90 mg. Start low and then work your way up to the optimal dosage. Melatonin dosage ranges from .5 to 5 mg, with an average dose of 3 mg. With melatonin, less is often more, so a little might go a long way. You can also start low and work your way up with your melatonin dosage. More than 10 mg may cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, or drowsiness.

What are the benefits of combining CBD and melatonin?

The benefits of combining CBD and melatonin are many, especially when it comes to sleep problems such as chronic insomnia. A good night’s sleep is critical for good health. The negative effects of sleep deprivation include neurological symptoms such as increased sensitivity to pain, hormonal dysfunction that can impact the thyroid gland, and a decrease in immune system function. Fortunately, you can have better sleep through the combination of CBD and melatonin.

How do CBD and melatonin combine to improve sleep?

CBD oil helps you sleep better by calming down any chronic fight-or-flight response tendencies you have. CBD is also an excellent pain reducer. A CBD sleep aid can help establish a healthy sleep cycle by reducing pain and anxiety that can make it difficult to sleep well. While you can use just a CBD capsule or CBD gummy as a sleep aid, for an even better chance of success, you’ll want to use a melatonin supplement with your CBD product.

Melatonin works differently than CBD to promote healthy sleep. Our natural melatonin levels rise about two hours before bedtime, telling our body it is time to wind down and go to sleep. Melatonin calms the body by reducing nerve activity in the brain. It also helps regulate dopamine, which is an activating neurotransmitter. Because melatonin works so synergistically with CBD, we created our own unique CBD oil tincture, DREAM tincture. It includes CBD, melatonin, and terpenes for an optimal sleep blend
based on botanical science.

What effects on sleep should you expect from CBD and melatonin?

Scientists and researchers have found that melatonin is helpful in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep while improving quality of sleep. According to the Harvard Health Blog, research has shown that CBD can help people both fall asleep and stay asleep. Thus, with the right combination of CBD oil and melatonin, you should experience significantly improved sleep. (If you aren’t getting the results you want, you may need to adjust your melatonin and CBD dosage.)

What other benefits could come from CBD and melatonin being mixed?

The great thing about taking melatonin and CBD for sleep is that the positive effects extend beyond a good night’s sleep. Having a healthy sleep cycle impacts almost all aspects of your life. One of the most important benefits of a good night’s sleep in the time of COVID-19 is having a robust, healthy immune system. The better your sleep quality is, the more your immune system will be able to fight off viruses. Another benefit of a good night’s sleep is improved mental health.

Improved sleep can go a long way in reducing both depression and anxiety. Conversely, depression and anxiety can make quality sleep difficult. It can become a vicious circle, which is why CBD in particular is so helpful in these cases. CBD can help take the edge off anxiety and make it easier to sleep. This can then become a positive circle where the less anxiety you have, the better you sleep, which leads to even less anxiety.

How effective is CBD and melatonin for sleep disorders?

Scientists already know a lot about the effectiveness of CBD and melatonin for sleep disorders. As already explained, CBD and melatonin work together synergistically. But which sleep problems do they help, and how quickly can the sleep cycle be adjusted?

Which sleep disorders can be improved with CBD and melatonin?

A melatonin and CBD sleep aid can help with a variety of sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, and disrupted sleep. One of the most common sleep disorders is insomnia, which can cause issues such as fatigue, concentration issues, and poor mental health. Both CBD oil and a melatonin supplement can help with insomnia because they enable relaxation.

But what about more complex sleep disorders, such as pain-related insomnia, sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome?

Medicinal cannabis is of course most well known for its ability to reduce pain. Chronic pain can be a huge factor in poor sleep. Thus, CBD can make a huge impact in this area, and you don’t need mind-altering cannabis for this effect. This ability to help reduce pain may also be why CBD can be helpful in cases of restless leg syndrome.

Finally, CBD can help with sleep apnea, even though it does not directly impact the physical reasons behind the apnea. This is because CBD helps reduce the anxiety and stress caused by sleep apnea, which can become a vicious cycle and worsen sleep issues if left unchecked.

Taking CBD and melatonin for sleep disorders.

A CBD sleep aid doesn’t work like a sedative, so it doesn’t need to be taken right before sleep to work. Melatonin, on the other hand, works best if it is taken one or two hours before bedtime. Ideally, our body will raise melatonin levels before bed (as it gets dark), but many of us are melatonin-deprived due to artificial light. Therefore, if you are taking CBD oil with melatonin, it is best to schedule it before bedtime.

How quickly will CBD and melatonin work?

Adjusting your sleep cycle will take a little bit of time, so don’t expect an instant fix or a knockout like a heavy-duty sleeping pill. Typically, it will take a few weeks to a month before a CBD and melatonin sleep aid will change the sleep cycle. However, you should start to see improvements, such as better REM sleep, before a full month goes by. Make sure you are using a high-quality CBD product to get the best results.

How can quality of sleep be improved using CBD and melatonin?

Just taking CBD and melatonin can greatly improve your quality of sleep. You can add to the benefits of CBD and melatonin through good sleep hygiene and other lifestyle adjustments. To start, it can be helpful to get an idea of your current sleep quality, so you have something to compare to. 

How can you measure your quality of sleep?

If you want to judge how well a CBD product and melatonin supplement are working, you can measure your sleep quality. This can be done by keeping a sleep log or sleep diary that keeps track of when you sleep, how long you sleep, and how refreshed you feel when you wake up. If you can remember, also try to write down how long it took you to fall asleep or get back to sleep if you woke up in the middle of the night. 

You can even get a wristband that serves as a sleep monitor, which can also tell you how much REM sleep you are getting every night. This is a great way to measure your sleep quality. 

How do CBD and melatonin work synergistically to alleviate sleep problems?

We’ve already explored how the CBD isolate in conjunction with melatonin works to improve sleep quality on a number of levels. You may see dramatic improvements in your sleep just by taking CBD and melatonin. 

Ideally, you will also make some lifestyle adjustments to get the most out of your CBD and melatonin. You won’t get the full benefit of your CBD and melatonin supplements if you are up late working on the computer or playing video games until the wee hours of the morning. 

Developing good sleep hygiene habits should also be part of your healthy sleep strategy. For starters, it’s a good idea to stop using electronic devices at least an hour if not two before you plan on going to sleep. Digital screens emit blue light that can stop melatonin production. The last thing you want to do is take melatonin but then block it with your computer screen.

If you must use a digital screen before going to bed, you can use an app to filter out blue light on your screen. You can even buy glasses (including prescription glasses) that block out blue light and can be used when typing at the computer.

In addition to taking a high-quality CBD product with melatonin, reducing stress in your life, exercising regularly, and eating well will also help significantly improve your overall sleep quality.

How much does it cost to use CBD and melatonin for sleep?

When you consider the costs of not sleeping well (lost work, poor health, etc.), the cost of a high-quality CBD product with melatonin is well worth it. A pharmaceutical sleep aid such as Ambien can be quite expensive, as much as ten times or more, compared to a scientifically formulated CBD gummy such as our CALM gum drops. Plus, CBD and melatonin don’t have super scary side effects!

An absolute cost for CBD isn’t really possible to calculate for every person, because individual people will require a different CBD dosage. But you should still find CBD plus melatonin a great value, especially when you start to enjoy the benefits of a healthy sleep. A quality sleep is worth it!

Looking for the best CBD and melatonin for sleep?

Looking for a high-quality CBD product that also includes a melatonin supplement? Our physician-formulated Wisdom Essentials DREAM tincture combines CBD and melatonin, along with other natural sleep-promoting ingredients such as terpenes. We create our safe and natural sleep aids based on botanical science. We test our products for effectiveness, and we use them ourselves. This is why we know you’ll love Wisdom Essentials DREAM tincture if you want a natural alternative to prescription sleep medication. 

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